1. High temperature stability, used in kinds of environment

  2. Environment drifting compensate automatically

  3. Multilevel lightning protection

  4. With function of sensing loop malfunction automatically (disconnection or cutting-out)

  5. Cooperate with barrier gate to realize vehicle anti-hit and automatic close function

  6. Detect the vehicles driving direction with two loops

Access Control|Time Attendance |Zkteco|Hotel Lock System|Locker Lock

Access Control|Time Attendance |Zkteco|Hotel Lock System|Locker Lock


Power supply220V  
Frequency range20KHz ~ 170KHz
SensitivityAdjustable in 4 increments
Reaction time10ms
Operating temperature-40ºC ~ +80º
Relative humidity<90%
Environmental compensationAutomatic drift compensation
Output modeelectric relay
Loop inductanceIdeal is 100μH to 300μH(Connection included)
Size of Housing78x40x108 mm (L x W x H)

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Access Control|Time Attendance |Zkteco|Hotel Lock System|Locker Lock