How to Reset Admin on ZKTECO iface302 Devices - Using the Time Based Method.

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In some models you can use the TIME BASED RESET method to Reset the Admin Password for ZKTECO Fingerprint Device.

Follow these step by step guide to unlock the ZKTECO Fingerprint Access Control Device using the Time Based Method to Enter the Menu and Clear Admin.

1. Once you are in the Main Screen, Check the Time on the Screen.
2. Take a Calculator and deduct the time by "9999"
    i.e. If the time on the screen is 13:50
    then 9999-1350=8649
    Multiply the answer by same
    then 8649 X 8649 = 74805201
    The super password is 74805201
3. Now on the fingerprint device Press Menu
4. Enter "8888"
5. Press OK
6. Enter the Super Password and click ok.
7. Now you will be able to Enter the Menu and Clear the Admin Password 

In this instruction video we will show you how to reset Admin Password or Privileges in ZKTECO Biometric Fingerprint Devices. We will use the time based method here and you don't need worry about connecting to the software or searching for the IP.

This works on ZKTECO iFace 303, ZKTECO iFace 302, ZKTECO TX628 Etc.

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