860-960MHZ High Frequency UHF Keyfobs(K-881UHF)

860-960MHZ High Frequency UHF Keyfobs

Product introduction and application:

PET-PVC long-distance card is suitable for frequency hopping work mode and has strong anti-interference ability

Users can customize the standard data of reading and writing PET-PVC long-distance card, making the special application system more efficient

PET-PVC long-distance card effective reading distance of up to 8 meters (with the reader and antenna and the antenna). 2056bits memory capacity, the world's only 94 bits ID number

The PET-PVC long-distance card adopts an ultra-wide working frequency band design, which not only meets relevant industry regulations, but also enables flexible development and application.

Read and write multiple PET-PVC long-distance cards simultaneously (up to 50/second) without the limitations and impact of the number of tags in the workspace

The 1960 bits storage area allows users to perform encrypted read, write, erase and rewrite operations, as well as open up dedicated dedicated word areas for designated users.

PET-PVC long-distance card without battery, memory can be erased more than 100,000 times, effective service life of more than a decade, more cost-effective

Support ISO18000-6C (EPC gen 2) protocol and ISO18000-6B protocol

Applied to e-tickets, logistics bags, postal parcels, library management systems.

Access Control|Time Attendance |Zkteco|Hotel Lock System|Locker Lock

Access Control|Time Attendance |Zkteco|Hotel Lock System|Locker Lock


Working frequency: 860-960MHZ

Meets the standard: (usually) ISO18000-6C (EPC C1 GEN2)


Memory capacity: 512bit/96bit

Reading and writing distance: 3-15M (with different antennas)

Working mode: R/W (read and write)

Working temperature: -10°C~ +70°C~

Adaptation speed: 60km/h

Anti-collision mechanism: suitable for multi-standard reading.

Data retention: greater than 10 years

Package material: PET, PVC

Common chip models: NXP G2XM (commonly used in non-standard) Alien9662 (commonly used standard card)

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Access Control|Time Attendance |Zkteco|Hotel Lock System|Locker Lock