Double Head Electric Rim Lock (K-B210)

Electric Mute Door Lock System


1. Stainless steel wire drawing processing,lock body surface anti-corrosion,durable and beautiful.

2. Lock the door automatically when close the door.

3. Simple wiring, two-wire system without distinction of positive and negative electrodes.

4. It can be opened from the left and right with convenient installation.

5. Fits for electrical control, key or hand operation.

6. Support manual unlocking, 3 keys included.

7. Outward opening door lock,can work with wood door, steel door, stainless steel door.

8. Suitable for residential buildings, public door, organs, schools, hotel building, factory warehouse and other departments.

Access Control|Time Attendance |Zkteco|Hotel Lock System|Locker Lock

Access Control|Time Attendance |Zkteco|Hotel Lock System|Locker Lock


Product Name
Double Head Electric Mute Door Lock
Lock Type
 Outward/Inward opening
DC 8V-18V
Unlocking power
Door Thickness

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Access Control|Time Attendance |Zkteco|Hotel Lock System|Locker Lock