Smart Door Lock Fingerprint (K-F390)

Smart Door Lock Fingerprint


Biometrics Fingerprint Digital Door Lock is high-tech door lock with multifunction: fingerprint, RFID card, mechanical key 3 in 1 open function. It has anti-thief mortise with high level security ensure. With nice shape, strong function, moderate price, it is widely used in world market. With fingerprint door lock, you will no worry about missing keys. Let our locks protect your home and bring security back to you!



No. Item Parameter
1 Sensor resolution Bright background ,500dpi
2 Sensor resistance to destruction 4H pencil 20 cm continuous impact 1000 times without damage
3 Start Time <1second
4 Contrast 1 :N
5 Rejection rate Less than or equal to 1% ( ≤ 1%)
6 Recognition rate Less than or equal to one millionth ( ≤ 0.0001%)
7 Finger use angle 360°
8 Fingerprint registration module Generate a fingerprint module at a time
9 Fingerprint update mode Automatic updates
10 Fingerprint information Battery failure and replacement without losing fingerprint information
11 Fingerprint capacity 100 pieces
12 Light interference Avoid direct sunlight
13 Collectors Hard glass, surface Nano-treatment, very wear-resistant
14 Static power consumption Less than 30 microamperes
15 Dynamic power consumption Operating current is less than 200 mA
17 Control System Dual-core dual-circuit separate control
18 Fingerprint battery life Open the door 5000 times
20 Card battery life Open the door 6000 times
21 Operating Voltage DC 6V
22 Power supply Battery powered
23 IC Card Capacity 100
24 backup power DC 9V
25 Low pressure alarm 4.9 volts
26 Anti-static Contact discharge 8KV, air discharge 15KV
27 Operating temperature -10 ℃ -55 ℃
29 Working humidity 10%-90%
30 Storage temperature -20 ℃ -7 0 ℃
31 OEM Yes
33 Open the door direction Left open, right open 

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